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A band performing live, not relying on playback. It is not uncommon that the live performance is enhanced with prerecorded tracks (ad libs, samples, sequences ...). However, the main part of the performance is live.

Cover Band:

If a liveband plays well-known songs written and recorded by other artists mainly, it is called a cover band. Some cover bands play songs in a different genre or style than that of the original composition.

Tribute Band:

A tribute band (tribute group, tribute act) is a musical group created in order to specifically play the music of their favourite band. Although initially created to honour the original bands, many tribute bands have grown to have their own fan base. Tribute band names are often a pun on the original name or the names of band members, or are derived from a famous track or record album released by the original band. One of the best-known members of a tribute band is Tim "Ripper" Owens, who went from singing in a Judas Priest tribute band to becoming the group's actual lead singer in 1996.
A unique combination of liveband + cover band + tribute band playing music by
AC⚡DC +++ Bryan Adams +++ Daft Punk +++ KISS +++ Rolling Stones +++ Pharrell Williams +++ Deep Purple +++ scooter +++ ZZ Top +++ usw...

is the one-man live band "Bruzzler". Most famous for its ZZ Top tribute show, his Kiss and AC⚡DC showcases are party highlights in the tribute band style: